An Integrated Approach

We combine experience in the fields of anti-corruption investigations, cyber security and consulting, with exclusive access to networks of human sources across the world and unparalleled coverage of the dark web.

Our Services

Investigative Research

The Elicius team's deep experience includes work on some of the past decade's most high-profile FCPA investigations and integrity risk assessments.

Our anti-smuggling, anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property protection casework has led directly to multi-million dollar seizures by law enforcement and our intelligence-led, strategic advice has facilitated multi-billion dollar market entries.

Recent Highlight A US tech firm worth over $30 billion wanted to enter the market in China. We conducted intelligence-led stakeholder analysis and provided a roadmap engagement strategy with regulators and entrenched market actors, based on discreet interviews and hard to access competitor data.

Outcome: The client has established a foothold in a multi-billion dollar market.

Dark Web Intelligence

Our dark web team has developed unparalleled access and coverage over 15 years. We know what it takes to guarantee long-term cyber protection for household brands and VIPs, through painstaking undercover penetration of conditional access cybercriminal forums and marketplaces.

Our threat intelligence monitoring service disrupts attacks on our clients in the planning stage, tracks identified vulnerabilities, and uncovers real world threats like kidnap and ransom plots. Dark web project work also includes insider threat investigations and enhanced cyber due diligence reviews of partners or acquisition targets.

Recent Highlight We identified a syndicate of advanced persistent threat actors working on a state-backed effort to compromise a multinational logistics firm, working on critical national infrastructure. Malware was in the customisation stage, following a period of social engineering and insider-threat cultivation, targeting contractors working for the firm.

Outcome: The attack was disrupted, the contract was terminated and new Elicius-designed protocols were established.

Dispute Services

When a commercial relationship breaks down, we help our clients achieve a favourable resolution. We advise on corporate disputes and support litigation strategies by providing research and fieldwork. In litigation this covers investigating a counterparty's strategy as well as the facts of the case, including tracing assets, obtaining and reviewing evidential material, and identifying and contacting potential witnesses.

Recent Highlight We successfully created a climate of settlement in litigation against a European PLC through a multi-faceted strategy including: an Elicius co-founder appearing as a witness in a European court; evidence of bribery and corruption collected in 5 jurisdictions; and successful media engagement in the quality national press of 4 European countries.

Outcome: A multi-million euro settlement was secured.

Public interest work

Elicius also supports public institutions, investigative journalists  and non-profit organisations with pro bono investigations in the public interest. With a focus on the areas of ethical supply chains, public health and anti-corruption.

A wealth of experience, a global network and a creative approach to intelligence gathering.