The co-ordinates that led you here represent the exact location of the planet Jupiter at this very second. What does that have to do with Elicius? 

Elicius was a cult title given to Jupiter by the Romans.   Elicius “the Elicitor” was an alter ego of the Roman God, invoked by the Etruscans in particular to bring forth rain in times of drought and plague.   Scholars have struggled to pierce the mystery of the cult of Elicius however and some believe "the Caller-forth", "elicitor" or "summoner" was invoked to bring forth lightning from the clouds rather than rain.

Astronomers now believe that one reason the Earth is safe and habitable is the subtle influence of the gravitational field of Jupiter, which protects us from some comets.  Jupiter’s gravity is thought to sling long-period comets in particular out of the solar system before they can get close and destroy the planet. Long-period comets are thought to strike Earth only on very long timescales of millions, or tens of millions of years. Without Jupiter nearby, these comets would collide with the planet much more frequently.

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